Baby Daddy from Hell by Kelly Dunn

Baby Daddy from Hell: Win In and Out of Court, Rise Above the Challenge, and Kick Ass in Your Next Custody Battle

Are you a co-parent who struggles with effective communication, smooth exchanges, ongoing harassment, and/or court preparation?

Baby Daddy from Hell educates and empowers single parents with those concerns and more.

In Baby Daddy from Hell, you will learn how to:

  • Establish boundaries
  • Handle harassment
  • Divert arguments
  • Redirect emotions
  • Prepare for court
  • Put children first
  • Make hard choices
  • Stay the course

Baby Daddy from Hell is filled with first-hand knowledge of critical note-keeping, defined parenting time, and detailed court preparation.

I went from absolutely no child custody to 100% full custody by starting new habits and being consistent.

I share what to do (and not do) in Baby Daddy from Hell, so save yourself the heartache and learn from my mistakes today.

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